Business Immigration

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In today’s growing global business world, it is essential that personnel have the ability to legally travel across the globe to take care of business matters wherever they are needed. Additionally, many highly advanced science, computer, business, language and technical experts are foreign nationals who attend university in the United States and are desirable employees of U.S. corporations. Applicants seeking legal status in the United States should consult with an immigration attorney who has vast experience in this field. Houston Immigration Attorney Craig L. Pena offers a complimentary case review to those wishing to discuss their business immigration case.

Business Immigration

Due to its nature, in many instances the same information applies to business immigration as it does to employer based immigration, as previously discussed in the employer information page:

  • EB1 – applies to those who have exceptional skills in:
    • Business, the arts, science, education, athleticism
    • This generally requires proof of professional membership, leadership and extraordinary ability
  • EB2 – applies to those who have exceptional skills in:
    • Business, science, the arts, and those who hold top degrees such as Ph.D’s.
  • The EB1 and EB2 are often documented by the showing of awards, prizes and international recognition.
  • EB3 – applies to skilled workers and those with basic college degree
  • EB4 – applies to individuals with advanced skills in religion, interpretation, etc.
  • EB5 – applies to investors who create jobs in the U.S. by investing $500,000 to $3 million
  • Ask your attorney for specific information

Treaty Trader and Treaty Investor

These visas apply to citizens of countries with which the U.S. has commerce and navigation treaties. The applicant must have a specific purpose in coming to the U.S., e.g., to engage in trade of a significant nature. Areas of trade often include technological services, as well as to those who invest in the U.S. and create business opportunities and jobs for others. Areas also include:

  • International banking
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Communications
  • Insurance

Ask your attorney about the E1 and E2 Visas. There are many specific requirements that are needed to qualify and it is wise to consult with an experienced attorney prior to going forward.

Others Who May be Interested in Business Immigration Services:

  • Persons with highly advanced skills
  • Professional athletes
  • Entertainers
  • Internationally recognized athletes
  • Others – ask your attorney

Other Business Visa Information

Ask your attorney about the following:

  • Those with oversees business
  • Businesses which need help with their immigration needs
  • Non-immigrant visas
  • H1B, H2, H2B
  • O, Q, L, P, D, I
  • I1 -Representative of foreign media
  • L1 intercompany transfer
  • Individuals with extraordinary abilities
  • Application process
  • Petitions and labor certifications for nonimmigrant workers

Complimentary Consultation with Houston Business Immigration Attorney Craig L. Pena

Attorney Craig. L. Pena provides aggressive and proactive legal immigration representation to those who are seeking to live and work in the United States. Craig has years of experience as an immigration attorney and has helped thousands of clients during this time. He is a respected member of the Houston Bar Association as well as numerous legal organizations, including the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. To schedule a complimentary case review, contact the Houston Law Office of Craig L. Pena by calling 832-833-6595.