Immigration Reform

There are constantly emerging immigration reform laws that may be relevant in your immigration case. These laws require the expert scrutiny of an experienced and qualified immigration law attorney. Attorney Craig L. Pena has been practicing immigration law for more than 30 years and he has helped thousands of individuals to obtain their immigration goals during this time. He offers a complimentary case review to discuss your case so that you can go over your options.

Immigration Reform:

During April, 2013, a new immigration reform bill was introduced. The bill seeks to both expand and limit immigrant access to the United States, depending on the specifics involved. This bill seeks, in part, to offer some 11 million unauthorized applicants legal status in the United States. The bill, if successful, will encourage illegal applicants to apply for legal status in the U.S. This bill seeks to make the laws widely available to all aliens through print, television, radio, and social media. To see if this bill or other present laws immigration laws apply to you, speak to your attorney, who is the only legally qualified interpreter of state and federal laws.

The Trend Seems to be Heading Toward Legalizing Illegal Immigrants in the U.S.:

There are numerous members of Congress who are in favor of immigration reform. As well, there are a multitude of national business groups that support immigration reform. How may this new bill and other bills affect you?

  • Your immigration application may become easier to become approved in some cases
  • Your immigration application may become more difficult to be approved in other cases
  • The new laws may provide new methods of immigration access for various individuals who were previously ineligible
  • Laws will be more specific and pointed and less subject to interpretation by judges and others involved in the immigration determination process
  • Speak to your attorney to see how immigration reform will affect you

Complimentary Case Evaluation by Houston Immigration Reform Attorney Craig L. Pena:

Houston immigration and criminal defense attorney Craig L. Pena has been providing superior legal counsel and representation for more than 30 years. He has helped thousands of individuals just like you during this time obtain the American Dream of freedom – the ability to live and work in the United States without oppression or interference. Obtaining legal status to live and work in the United States is no less than a cathartic life transformation that can uplift you and your family forever. Attorney Pena has dedicated his life to providing aggressive and comprehensive immigration law services to his clients. Attorney Pena is a respected member of numerous legal organizations, including the American Immigration Lawyers Association and The Houston Bar Association. To schedule your complimentary immigration case review, contact the Law Office of Craig L. Pena by calling 832.833.6595.