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In certain cases when an applicant is deemed inadmissible for a visa, they may file for a waiver of inadmissibility. Waivers are extremely complicated – perhaps more than any other area of immigration law – and without an immigration attorney it is almost impossible to understand the process of obtaining a waiver. Waiver requests must be extremely and properly well written and the applicant will need to be vigorously represented in court. Attorney Craig L. Pena has been representing immigration law clients since 2006 and he offers a free consultation to discuss your case.

I-601 Waiver

When an immigrant is denied their visa on grounds of unlawful presence, criminal violations and/or immigration fraud, they may apply for a waiver of admissibility. For a waiver of inadmissibility to be approved in an I-601, the applicant must demonstrate that extreme hardship will result to a relative who will suffer without the applicant’s presence in the U.S. There are many nuances and specifics that must be included for this waiver to be approved, and again, it is extremely important to get the help of an experienced waivers attorney during this process.

212 Waivers

A foreign national who is applying for citizenship but has a removal order pending may find relief in a 212 waiver application. When a foreign national is deemed inadmissible under 212(a), they may find relief in a 212 waiver. Activities that may have led to the denial include:

  • Unlawful presence
  • Criminal activities and violations
  • Immigration fraud

Speak to your attorney about this valuable and complicated waiver to see if you are eligible.

Other Reasons to Apply for Waivers

Basically, when U.S. immigration laws have been violated and the applicant still chooses to seek admission, a waiver may be the solution. Those who have entered the U.S. with permission for short periods of time who are deemed inadmissible may be granted a waiver under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Speak to your attorney to see if you qualify.

Complimentary Case Review with Houston Waivers Attorney Craig L. Pena

If you are seeking a waiver or if you are dealing with other immigration issues, Houston immigration law attorney Craig L. Pena can help you. He has been practicing immigration law for many years and has helped thousands of individuals during his tenure. He is extremely devoted to his clients and wishes for them all to improve their lives by sharing in in the riches and resources of the United States. As such, Attorney Pena is a powerful advocate for your immigration needs. He takes his cases personally and to heart and he will fight for your freedom and your rights. To schedule your free case review, contact the Houston Law Office of Craig L. Pena by calling 832-833-6595.