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A visa is an approved, legal travel document that is utilized in combination with one’s passport. While some visitors to the U.S. are permitted to travel without a visa if they meet the legal requirements, most foreign travelers are required to have an approved visa. As well, U.S. citizens who wish to travel abroad may need to obtain a visa from the foreign country’s embassy prior to travel. If you are seeking help obtaining a visa for entry into the U.S., it is important to realize that the requirements are strict and quite involved, especially, of course, since 9/11. Immigration Attorney Craig L. Pena has more than 30 years of experience helping individuals obtain their visas and he offers a free consultation to discuss your particular case.

Various Types of Visas:

There are numerous visas that serve specific purposes. Some of the visas include:

  • Non-immigrant visa – in general, individuals who come to the U.S. for travel
  • Professional athletes would apply for a B1 visa
  • Business visitors would apply for a B1 visa
  • Diplomats and foreign government officials would apply for the A visa
  • Domestic employees apply for a B1 visa
  • Entertainers, artists and performers apply for a B visa

Other Visa Categories:

  • Student visas – F1
  • Vocational Visa – M1
  • Working visas:
  • Intra-company transfers – L
  • Temporary workers – H-3
  • Treaty Traders and investors – E category
  • Fiance – K1
  • Marriage – K3

It is to be noted that this information is meant for generalized informative purposes only. Speak to your attorney about your specific case.

Houston Immigration Attorney Craig L. Pena Offers a Complimentary Consultation to Discuss Your Visa:

It is essential to properly apply for your visa. Attorney Craig L. Pena has been practicing immigration law for more than 30 years and during this time he has helped thousands of clients who have had immigration difficulties; many with visa situations. Attorney Pena is a strong supporter of individual rights and he is a champion of those seeking legal entry into the U.S. It is his goal to make sure that every person attains the visa and/or immigration status that they desire, so long as it is appropriate under the law. Attorney Pena will take a personal interest in your case and help you understand exactly what you need to do to attain your goal. To schedule your free case consultation, call the Houston Law Office of Immigration Attorney Craig L. Pena at 713-906-8829.